Jess + Claire Moraine Lake Elopement

It truly is wild how the universe can align certain scenarios for you. On our recent trip to Canada's beautiful rockies a trip to Moraine Lake was a must on our list. We arrived early to watch the sunrise and do a short hike but before hitting the road to Jasper decided to take a canoe out on the iconic blue water. Standing in line in front of me was a blonde haired woman with a jacket covering a white gown. In typical Charlotte fashion I HAD to ask her if she was getting married and her response was 'WE JUST DID! RIGHT OVER THERE!" Jess & her now wife Claire had travelled all the way from the UK and tied the knot in one of our countries most beautiful locations. The girls didn't have a photographer to capture some memories for them and I felt blessed to do the job! It was like I was meant to be there. xx