"coffee + backroads"

I think the world needs more Dolly Parton's, there is usually a vinyl playing at our home, coffee + backroads are my idea of happiness and if you have a dog at your wedding be prepared to receive ~100 photos of them. Let's start with that.

"inspired by the outdoors"

I often find I am most inspired by the outdoors. My entire brand revolves around earthy tones I have pulled from exploring. After a visit to the mountains I started to view life a little differently, I make an effort to feel grateful every day.

"barefoot is best"

I believe in stepping outside the box on your special day and making it your own, if that involves getting your feet and dress a little dirty, I am right there with ya! I like to think barefoot is best & a dirty dress at the end of the day tells a story.

"let's toss on your fav tunes"

When it comes to engagement sessions...let's toss on your favourite tunes, go for a hike, head to your cottage or fav beach and capture you and your love in an element that will tell YOUR story. Anywho - I hope this gave you a little insight into my world.

Let's be friends!